Branding just for you

How to build a brand at Satsuki Design Office

We will design for each person.


Apply to a fixed template

We do not make it mechanically.


Logical thinking and intuition in my head,

And give experience and enthusiasm for customers' business

We will work together to find out what to do.


People, companies, brands, businesses and spaces.

Do not just live in this world and live.


Spend money, something

(Web, pamphlets, etc.)

It doesn't grow just by making it.

Furthermore, growing up without permission,

Absolutely not.


If you do nothing

It disappears and is forgotten.



Branding construction

For raising children

Very similar


The creator, with responsibility, enthusiasm, and passion,

Working on brand building,

Develop by capturing the uniqueness and characteristics of the brand,

Match how you grow up with growth,

Always discerning, loving and careful

You have to do what you need to do.


In other words, people, companies, brands

And business and space,

It ’s important to be loving and nurturing

It does not grow.



Branding construction starts with

I will meet with you and ask about the current situation,

It starts with hearing.


Talk many times

I think you 'll ask .


What is really needed in that story?

Capture what the real challenge is,

We will propose the improvement plan in an appropriate way.


Using the female perspective, enhance brand power,

I will connect to the result, so

Please feel free to contact us.





TEL: 050 5242 7432

Satsuki Design Office is a company that conducts corporate branding / personal branding in Osaka.

We carry out brand management, planning, and direction, as well as web production and DTP production.

We will incorporate it into our brand design strategy based on our management strategy, so it is not just a visualization.

Please feel free to contact us as we will help you increase your corporate value.

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大阪 デザイン|さつきデザイン事務所

MEGURI / Meguri is a voluntary organization in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture that provides education and creation to all people involved in raising children, based on the idea of "creating self-actualization and circulation."