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Satsuki Design Office




Acquired Level 2 qualification of General Association of Brand Manager Certification

Japan Personal Brand Association Certified Personal Brand Consultant

TEL: 050 5242 7432

| Business description |


・ Consulting and direction of companies and brands based on design strategy


・ Corporate branding that penetrates the philosophy, vision, and elements that are the root of the company


・ Planning and unifying images of advertisements and sales promotion tools


・ Production of logos, slogans, business cards, company information, company information posters, etc.


・ Corporate site, recruitment site, video production


・ Branding support for individuals (personal branding)


・ Branding seminar, in-house training


We provide consulting and direction for companies and brands based on design strategies.


Web design and paper production, videos,

From spatial design,

We value the overall sense of unity,


I will propose a promotion.


In addition, by integrating management strategy and image strategy,

Corporate philosophy and vision,

The elements that are the root of the company

In order to spread it inside and outside the company,

We will work with customers to solve problems and improve them.


Logo mark, slogan, business card, company information,

Booklet for joining the company, poster production, corporate website,

Regarding the production of recruitment sites and videos,

We plan and produce from a new perspective, so please feel free to contact us.


| What we value |


Combining instinctive intuition and logical thinking, we tackle the task with courage and love.
The most important factor in successful branding is the relationship between people.

While valuing compassion and kindness, we will organize issues rationally and take a consistent, planned, and sustainable approach.
Things that we take once will be done with passion to the end, so let's cry together and laugh together to increase corporate value.

People meet someone, combine their own and others' values, and discover new ones.

With thanks to my daughter (Satsuki), we do not forget to thank our customers and our customers every day.

I will work with sincerity, so I look forward to working with you!





-Representative profile-


Brand Manager

​Personal Brand Consultant

Image Planner & Creative Director

Travel around the world, enhance serendipity,

I will grasp the essence of things, understand them, and convey them to people with the same degree of understanding as I do.

Brand manager who designs the value of people and companies.

"I will help you convey what you want to convey to the person you want to convey in an easy-to-understand manner."


In 1979, born in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.


In the company name of "Satsuki Design Office"

It comes with a design, so

What kind of designer are you always? You asked,

This design means problem solving.


I'm neither an artist nor a graphic designer.

In the first place, I'm a graphic designer,

I'm not an art university,

I studied Arabic at university,

I studied abroad in Tunisia when I was in my third year,

Arabic, Tunisia dialect, French,

I learned belly dance.


During my studies, I went to Turkey, Singapore, Tunisia, Italy, Syria, Jordan, Germany,

After graduating, I joined a system company.


From server management to building shopping sites, building websites, etc.

Sometimes as SE,

Sometimes as a director,

I worked desperately with Indians, Chinese and Taiwanese.


To step up further,

Studying JAVA and PHP at Digital Hollywood,

I changed jobs because I was involved in a new business of a textile company.


So, from the construction of the shopping system,

Engaged as a planner and director in various fields related to promotion and new business.


After that, in the management strategy section of the parent company

I was assigned.

The parent company is a long-established company that has continued for 150 years,

So, corporate branding,

It's been about 9 years.


With a major advertising agency,

Corporate brand PR and

Promote the product brand,

Spatial displays such as videos and exhibition halls,

Logos, brochures, etc.

We have built a wide variety of tools.


No matter how busy I am

I always go on a trip between work,

It's not just for refreshing.

The countries I went to since I became a working adult

Chicago, Brazil, Australia.

Travel gives us new discoveries.


It's time to leave your everyday life and really think about what you want.

By doing things that are different from usual, we create opportunities to give ourselves a different sense of values.
The world is very large and there are many wonderful and wonderful things waiting for us.

But that's something you can't get without taking a step.
I regularly travel to experience it.


He gave birth to a child in 2012 and is now the mother of an elementary school girl.



I always

I have faced my life.


What do you really want to do?

Not a graphic,

Not an artist,


What i want to do

It is a design for solving problems.

What you don't see to solve the problem

Make it visible to the hand

This process is very interesting.


What have you done to get it?
I have worked with various creators and customers while laughing and crying.
And I went abroad and experienced many new things.


What is fun to do now,

Think, run, step by step,

In April 2017, "Satsuki Design Office" was opened.

Thank you for your support.



Satsuki Design Office Representative: Enoe Rie



Obtained Level 2 qualification of Brand Manager Certification Association of Japan

Japan Personal Brand Association Certified Personal Brand Consultant



TEL: 050 5242 7432

Satsuki Design Office is a company that conducts corporate branding / personal branding in Osaka.

We carry out brand management, planning, and direction, as well as web production and DTP production.

We will incorporate it into our brand design strategy based on our management strategy, so it is not just a visualization.

Please feel free to contact us as we will help you increase your corporate value.

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大阪 デザイン|さつきデザイン事務所

MEGURI / Meguri is a voluntary organization in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture that provides education and creation to all people involved in raising children, based on the idea of "creating self-actualization and circulation."